Four Features To Look for in A Second Hand Compressor

Four Features To Look for in A Second Hand Compressor

Compressors are a handy device to have around the house especially if you enjoy DIY projects or you own a business that requires the use of this device.  In an ideal situation, a brand new compressor with all the specifications you need would be easily accessible and affordable; if you can’t afford a new one then opt for a second hand compressor instead.  Moyair Compressed Air Solutions is a premium supplier of Jaguar screw and piston compressors.  We provide a variety of companies and individual consumers with a range of new and used compressor systems in Gauteng.

If your budget is limited, getting a second hand compressor is a great idea; it is important to bear in mind that a used compressor could be a hassle as it’s to performance and durability may not meet your expectations.  Therefore, it is imperative to purchase a second hand compressor from a reliable supplier.  One of the advantages of used compressors is that they are likely to include all the necessary parts that you’ll require; there will be no need for you to buy any additional parts. 

Understanding what to look for when you’re looking into buying a second hand compressor will be very helpful.  Looking for the following features will help you find a good second hand compressor:

Oil-flooded or oil-free

If you are going to use the compressor on a regular basis, you need to get the oil-flooded type.  Oil-flooded compressors are quieter and run smoother compared to oil-free ones.  Make sure you check that the compressor was lubricated regularly and that it has a clean exterior.

CFM rating

The CFM (Cubic Feet per Metre) measures the amount of air expelled from the compressor per minute.  The CFM gives the rating that indicates the power of the compressor which will give you an idea of how much it has been used.

Tank size

The tank is an integral part of the compressor; it is where the compressed air produced is stored.  You need to make sure that the tank does not have any scratches or dents that could hinder the performance of the compressor. 


It’s best to first check the CFM rating before basing your choice exclusively on the horsepower.  If both are satisfactory, then the compressor is good to buy.

For more information on our second hand compressors, contact Jaguar Compressors today!

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