What Is The Difference Between Screw Compressors & Piston Compressors

So you are considering what air compressors to get, and you might have heard about the differences between screw compressors and piston compressors?

At Jaguar Air Compressors, we often get asked what the difference is between a screw compressor and a piston compressor? The text that follows will assist you in trying to understand some of the primary differences.

These two types of compressors are the most common air compressors available in South Africa, and we have a range for any compressed air solutions.

For many years the piston compressor was usually the more popular choice, and this was generally related to market availability and price. But with technology evolving, Screw compressors now match their piston counterparts in availability, output, and price.

Technically speaking, the most notable difference between the two types of compressors is how they compress the air. A piston air compressor makes use of pistons that are driven by a crankshaft to compress air, while a screw air compressor works using a pair of meshing, helix-shaped screws that intertwine. Also, screw compressors and piston compressors differ in their moving parts.

A piston compressor has several moving parts while a screw compressor one has only two major components that move. A screw compressor is a more straightforward machine, that can be mounted on a receiver tank and works with a mechanical pressure switch.

At maximum capacity, piston compressors will use far more energy than screw compressors. Caution should be taken as they are not meant to run for long periods at max volume output. Overheating can occur and your unit could become damaged.

Screw compressors and can run at lower temperatures and are sometimes more expensive due to them having more complex fixed parts. Because they have been designed to run continuously, they are far quieter than piston compressors and also feature excellent cooling systems. The air produced by these units is also cleaner and cooler. Efficiency is a significant advantage of screw compressors as they consume far less power at full capacity.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of compressor, and we recommend weighing up the pros and cons of each unit before making a purchase. We have experts who can guide you in your decision-making process, and we are on standby to take your call. Contact Us Today.

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